Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Exceedingly Thankful

"When we view this country in its extent and variety of climates, soils, and produce, we ought to be exceeding thankful to divine goodness in bestowing it upon our forefathers, and giving it as an heritage for their children. We may call it the promised land, a good land and a large--a land of hills and vallies, of rivers, brooks and springs of water--a land of milk and honey, and wherin we may eat bread to the full. A land whose stones are iron, the most useful material in all nature, and of other choice mines and minerals; and a land whose rivers and adjacent seas are stored with the best of fish. In a word, no part of the habitable world can boast of so many natural advantages as this northern part of America."

Silas Downer
"A Discourse at the Dedication of the Tree of Liberty"; 1768

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