Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Keeping Liberty's Flame

Those of you who follow my other blog, My Book of Common Days, know of my political leanings.

I have decided to let you hear from our Founding Fathers and occasionally our Founding Mother's, in order that you may learn to love them as I do; that you need not take my word for things, you can hear it from them.

I make no secret that I watch Glenn Beck; I owe the inspiration for this endeavor to him.
It is my humble wish that through this blog, we can learn to be Keepers of Liberty in our homes and in our communities; we are in desperate need of a Restoration of the founding principles, and hopefully, through the Founder’s own words, we can begin together to restore the Constitution; to restore Faith, honor, dignity, respect, honesty and duty to our lives and patriotism for our beloved Republic.

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